HELP! My Business is Holding Me Hostage

HELP! My Business is Holding Me Hostage

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Did you overlook the exit plan of your business? Have you found you and your business in a place of stagnation? Coming to the point of choosing whether to hold on or let go of a business can include a constant and overwhelming flow of emotions. Ultimately, your decision should be predicated upon the goals you have set for your business and your plans for departure.

In this book, you will learn practical tips and tools that will help release the bonds that tie you to your business through a 3- step process of realization, refocus, and relaunching. Prepare to journey from a place of self-imprisonment to finding your exit, while discovering a new and improved you.

LaToya Thurmond has over fifteen years of experience as a small business entrepreneur. She strives to help others in addressing coping strategies that will allow them to move beyond failure to a place of abundance. Through a process of Realization, Refocusing, and Relaunch she can move you from a position of surviving to thriving OR from a position of thriving to learning to survive. She has an incredible ability to see the future. She thinks outside the box and perceives what could be, what might be, and how it will impact the future.

She resides in Racine Wisconsin with her husband Shaun Thurmond and two daughters Arion Marie Thurmond, Shia Milan Thurmond, and Boston Terrier “Prince”.