Dr. LaToya

Dr. LaToya


Reaching Resilience through Recognizing, Refocusing & Relaunching
Let’s Get Ready for an Ultimate Bounceback! 


Dr. LaToya Thurmond who is thought provoking, energetic, and futuristic is a certified life coach and author of Help My Business Is Holding Me Hostage has over fifteen years of experience as a small business entrepreneur. As a thought leader in recovering from business failure and challenges she strives to help others in developing coping strategies that will allow them to move beyond failure to a place of abundance. Through a process of Realization, Refocusing, and Relaunch she can move you from a position of surviving to thriving OR from a position of thriving to learning to survive. Dr. Thurmond has an incredible ability to see the future. She thinks outside the box and perceives what could be, what might be, and how it will impact the future. 

Her ability to create energized empowerment messages makes lasting connections and actionable takeaways. Combining her experience as a small business owner, coach and PhD in Organizational Psychology she creates and delivers strategies that will leave you audience inspired and ready to move forward. 

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