Speaking Topics

Business Bounce Back: Power 

Success is highly sought after, yet the challenges and failures of business provide an array of life learned lessons. Join Dr. Thurmond as she takes you on a journey of how to successfully navigate business challenges and failures while redefining the new and improved you. 

Even In This… There Is More

Challenges and failures create an opportunity for learning in which in turn generates an avenue for success. On the other hand, successes and victories can keep you stuck in your comfy box. Whether you are in the most trying time of your life or have achieved your dream….as long as you are still living there is more to pursue. 

It Was Me All Along…

What’s holding you back? Oftentimes we look at people, places and spaces as the barrier that prevents us from moving forward. A total transformation will require a renewed mindset that will leave you admitting that it was your limited mindset holding you back all along. This presentation will help you refocus so that you can relaunch and walk freely in your purpose. 

Help My Business is Holding Me Hostage (Book Review)

Coming to the point of choosing whether to hold on or let go of a business can include a constant and overwhelming flow of emotions. Ultimately, your decision should be predicated upon the goals that you have set for your business and most importantly your future. This book review session previews the necessary steps that releases the ties that bind you.