Pricing & Packages

Level Up The Technique: ($55.00) (1hour session)

This empowerment session will help you increase your motivation and confidence as a student. In addition, you will develop problem solving and critical thinking skills necessary for the academic and personal/professional arena.  

Fire Walker Session: $350.00

This session is developed for small business owners who are faced with personal or business challenges that are highly stressful and potentially damaging. Dr. LaToya will step in and walk with you in the midst of your business crisis. This journey includes an in-depth evaluation process to uncover the changes required for meaningful change in your team and business.  


  • (2) 1.5 hrs One one One session 
  • Needs Assessment 
  • Follow-up Action Plan 
  • Help My Business Is Holding Me Hostage (Book & Workbook) 

Real Talk: Clarity Session: $300.00

This real talk clarity session will provide you with confidence, clarity, and courage to move forward in achieving your personal goals. This one hour session is a deep dive to bring your vision to life by setting a clearer and achievable goal in your academic, business, and professional journey.


  • (2) 1.5 hrs One one One session 
  • Needs Assessment 
  • Follow-up Action Plan

LT (Leadership/Team Development Training: $800.00 (starting)

The LT Package is designed for any organization looking to incorporate leadership development programming or team building activities in their employee training, group session and seminars 

Pricing determined by group size


B3 Session: $1400.00 

The B3 packaged is designed to assist small business entrepreneurs with support in overcoming business challenges or business loss. These interactive sessions will help you in recognizing the challenges that are preventing you from moving forward while refocusing on the action steps and the lessons learned that will push you toward relaunching a new business, career and ultimately a new you.  


  • (7) (1hr session) + (1) BONUS Session $1400.00
  • Needs Assessment 
  • Help My Business Is Holding Me Hostage Book
  • Challenge & Barriers Identification 
  • Power Up Problem Solving Session 
  • Executing Strategies 
  • Vision Casting/Goal Setting 
  • Reconnecting & Building A Strong Network
  • The Power of Refreshing Your Brand
  • Customized Resource List 
  • Follow-up Action Plans 

Small Business CEO (Executive Package) $1500.00

One on One support to enhance your personal and professional development. Learn how to create a culture that is aligned with your purpose and vision so that others can be inspired by your individual passion. This session is designed to help you get more out of your team and yourself through transformational leadership. 


  • 12 (1hr) Sessions to be used within 6 months
  • Needs Assessment
  • Help My Business Is Holding Me Hostage Book
  • Power Up Problem Solving Session
  • Executing Strategies 
  • Goal Setting 
  • Casting Your Vision 
  • Building A Strong Network 
  • Personality Assessment 
  • Emotional Intelligence & Effective Communication 
  • Establishing Workplace Boundaries 
  • Customized Resource List  
  • Follow-up Action Plans 

Resilience Training: Entrepreneurial Mindset  $1575.00

Are you thinking about starting a business? Now that you have developed the skills it’s time to focus on developing the right mindset. This session assists individuals in identifying their entrepreneurial strengths and the mindset that will assist them in navigating their entrepreneurial journey and potential business challenges. 


  • Entrepreneurial Strengths Assessment 
  • The Entrepreneurial MindSet (8) SHIFT SESSIONS  

Ala Carte Session 

(Choose any session in a package for a price of $125.00 per hour) 


  1. Commit to the session of your choice. 
  2. After purchasing your session, you will receive an automatic download of ”OPERATION YOU” questionnaire to complete 24 hours prior to our session. 
  3. This information ensures that we the initial coaching session is focused and productive 
  4. You schedule here (CLICK)
  5. Show up to our meeting prepared 
  6. Be open to questions that will encourage you to think differently about your situation. 


  1. Confirm session and the meeting method (zoom, phone, in-person)
  2. You will receive an intake evaluation form to be completed and returned to me within 48 hours of our initial session. 
  3. I will review your intake evaluation
  4. Following each session you will receive a personalized plan based on the intake form and one on one session..
  5. Maintain confidentiality 
  6. Show Up to call completely prepared 


Available for: 

  • Event Host
  • Faith Based & Messages of Inspiration
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Workshop Facilitator 
  • Roundtable Facilitation
  • Workshop Facilitator 
  • B3 Series (4) Part Series- Business Bounce Back Series! 
  • Bridges Out of Poverty *LicensedFacilitator 
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset *Licensed Facilitator 
  • Gettin By In A Just Gettin By World *Licensed Facilitator 
  • Starting Your Business Using Your Entrepreneurial Talents

Additional Services & Workshops

  • Employee Handbook/Policy Development 
  • Executive Coaching/Professional Development workshops
  • Getting Ahead in the Workplace- *Licensed Facilitator 
  • The Power of  Employee Work Life Balance & Wellness
  • REAL COLORS Personality Type Assessment  * Licensed Facilitator
  • Workplace Assessments