LaPre Childcare


LaPre Philosophy

We create an atmosphere that promotes continuous growth and development in children, families, and staff. We aim to provide safe, loving, and quality care for all children entrusted to us, and to ensure each child’s needs are met. We believe that all children deserve an equal opportunity to learn and develop to their greater potential. Children should be respected as individuals and encouraged to be independent and self-motivated. This opportunity is accessible to all children and their families in a warm and accepting environment that encourages a sense of security and trust.

Children Learn By Doing. 

Children are exposed to a stimulating environment that provides experiences that promotes the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills. As a result, children are encouraged to be independent and to satisfy their natural curiosities. Through independence and exploration, children are given the opportunity to make choices while learning how those choices impact themselves and others.


LaPre Childcare Center will create a family atmosphere that encourages continuous growth and development within our children, families and staff. 


We strengthen all children, families, and staff by building a strong foundation of faith, hope and restoration that build resilient children and  families.  

LaPre Academy Core Values 

  • We show the love of Christ 
  • We create an environment that promotes continuous growth and development
  • We strive to operate in the spirit of excellence in everything we do 
  • We give a 100% in helping children, families and staff to see and reach their full potential  

Children Core Values

  • I am unique and I love being being
  • I take responsibility for my actions
  • I treat myself and others with respect

Core values are developed through the following activities:

  • Social & Interactive Activities / Field Trips
  • Self-Esteem Development Programming
  • Christian Values & Programming